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For the love of beer!
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Sep 27, 2005
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Cheshire, England
In my quest to get back to basics and learn all about the method of brewing you might know I've doing a series of SMaSH brews based on Maris otter and Fuggles. I brewed it with a single infusion mash and batch sparged.

The first one was a very good drinkable English Pale ale. Middle of the road on gravity, maltiness and bitterness. This gave me my bench mark and I'm very pleased with it.

My next one was done to the same method but I increesd the gravity and the bitterness. This is still in the fermenter. I will take half it and drink as is.
The other half I will age with whisky soaked oak.

My third batch is on now. I going with the original recipe and doing a simple single stage decotion.

I'll up date you as I go along. Recipe and method to follow.


5kg Maris Otter
20g @ 60
20g @ 30
15g @ 20
15g @ 20


Mash 5kg Grain with 13L @ 64°c
Strike temp 77°c I normally mash at 68 and strike at 77
Mix well and remove 1/3 of the mash.
I do this with a colander to remove the grain then use a jug to add some water so that you get a thick mash to decote. In the pan the water should not be above the grain.
Leave the rest of the mash to sit at 64°c

Raise the temp of the decotion to 73°c and rest for 20 minutes
You may have to add heat ocassionaly to keep at 73°c
After the 20 minutes boil for 10 to 15 minutes.

You have to stir continusly to stop scortching.
Add the dection back to the main mash and stir. The temperature should now be 68°c
You can had part of the decoction and test the temp.
If you hit the required temp then leave the reast of the dection to cool then add to the mash.
I'm not sure if you can see the difference in the picture.
At this point continue your mash until you have full Convertion of the startches.

The grain on the left is from the cooler at 64°c and the grain on the right is the decoction grain.
i aged your goblinII on whiskey soaked oak chips for 30 days then cold conditioned for 47 more and bottled 2 weeks ago. the part bottle tasted great even uncarbed.
I want to make a higher gravity ale that was just Maris Otter, EKG or Fuggles and letting it age about a year. I want to get my carboys on a closed system before I do though as I worry about oxidation.

Anyways, looking forward to reading your results!
Well I have drank the higher gravity and he decoction SMaSH.

I'm now on the Oaked.

It's a while sinse I've had an Innis and Gunn Oak Aged Beer and it was my inspiration.
Drinking my beer now I am more than happy with the result and it is what I was aiming for.