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Jun 7, 2024
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It's pretty cool to have a cold drink in summer. So an ice machine is necessary in your kitchen.

This portable countertop ice maker can make 9 bullet-shaped ice pieces in only 6 minutes. It can produce 26 lbs of ice within 24 hours, giving you a continuous supply of ice cubes.

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We will choose one friend to get this with extra discount on June 19 randomly. And if you can't wait to own one ice maker, you could also order from the following link, it's now on deals with 25% discount. GARVEE 26lbs/24H Countertop Ice Maker
I can't help but ask: Any chance you could post a parts diagram? I have no problem buying new things to rip apart and repurpose, and this looks like it might have what I need at the right price to try and make a chiller unit for reusing my steam-condenser water for wort-chilling....maybe a silly idea, but I like to experiment.
Well dang, must be a few hours ahead of me. (Still 10 pm 6/18 here) 🤣

I do have a question on the water supply: is there a tank that is filled manually or does it need to be connected to a water line?

I have a need for it in the house and would be a great addition to take on vacation with the family to the cabin.

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