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Apr 15, 2018
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Hello friends.

Once before I brewed the following recipe for a 5 gallon batch, which I very much enjoyed:
2.2kg British 2-row pale malt
1.9kg British wheat malt
113g 55°L British Crystal Malt
14g British Black Malt

17g East Kent Goldings 5%AA (2.3HBU) @ 60
7g cascade @ 10
7g East Kent Goldings @ 10
7g German Hallertau Hersbrucker @ 5

It was delicious!

Now, I live in Kathmandu and ingredients are very limited. From what I can get my hands onto, I have made the following recipe:

2.2kg Vienna malt
1.9kg Wheat malt
127g Crystal Malt (Black malt unavailable, so I have added extra crystal. Should I add more?)

28g Fuggles 3.5%AA (2.3HBU) @ 60
7g Summit @ 10
7g Fuggles @ 10
7g Glacier @ 5
7g Citra @ 0
28g Citra @ Dry hopping

I know it's a bit ropey, and that Vienna isn't necessarily a normal base malt, so I would very much appreciate some feedback from some of the older hands around here. I have added some extra hops and some dry hopping because I love hops.

Here is a list of the possible ingredient I can get:

Fuggles 3.5% AA
Citra 12.3% AA
Glacier 5% AA
Summit 14.2% AA
Columbus 14.7% AA

Thanks so much in advance!
Vienna malt has barely enough enzymes to convert itself but your wheat malt should have plenty of excess enzymes to do the job and then some. The Vienna malt will bring a different flavor to the beer than 2-row pale but that isn't necessarily a bad thing and may be even better.

At only about 3% of the grist, 127 grams of Crystal malt may not have much impact on the flavor. It may be fine though so leave it as is for this batch and make notes as you drink it to determine if more would be better.

This beer will be very different from the first recipe you posted but it could be even better. Only you can judge that. If you can't stand it, you could always ship it to another homebrewer for their consumption. We all have different favorites.
Thanks so much for your help, RM-NM.

I'm certainly open to the idea of adding some extra crystal malt for this first batch. If I were to go down that road, how much would you suggest I add?

Thanks again for taking the time to help out!
you could maybe try to roast some of the malts in your oven, instead of adding "too much" of the crystal to get a darker color.
The normal rule is to use no more than 10% Crystal malt in your beer. I might try for 5% or a little more on this batch. The difference (so far as I know) in the Crystal malts is the amount of kilning they go through so the above suggestion to roast some sounds good. You will have to experiment with the temperature and time to see what gets you the color you want. Don't overdo it, you can't go back once you have them too dark.