Dandy Kegerator Compressor Not Running

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Sep 9, 2023
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I bought a kegerator from marketplace and the compressor will not run. Here is a list of all the parts:
Danby Fridge - DKC645BLS
Compressor - AS35U6
Start Relay - QP2-4R7
Overload Protector - B77-120

First thing I noticed is that this wire was not connected to anything and there did not appear to be anywhere to connect it. ??
Which wire is supposed to be connected to the relay??

I plugged in the fridge and there is 120v to the red wire.
The relay does not rattle and I tested resistance to all the contacts and they seem good. To a layman anyway. I did this by connecting my meter to each of the two holes and the terminal and they all showed between 10-15ohms.

No idea how to test the overload.

My questions are:
How would I connect this so as to bypass the startup relay, just so as to test the compressor.
What should I do next?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.
Typically the red wire would connect to the tab on the overload protector and the white would connect to the tab on the starter relay, but I don’t see either of those items in the picture. I don’t know how to hardwire the compressor, sorry.