D. McElderry’s Irish Wake Stout

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Jan 25, 2005
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Thought I would share this recipe with the class! Enjoy!

This was my first attempt at replicating a Guinness Stout clone. I don't know if I hit the nail on the head, but it turned out damned good, if I do say so myself. And I do! And so does everyone who has tried it. That includes a friend of my girlfriend, who hadn't met me before trying this ale! :)

Helping to duplicate that special, slightly tart taste is the use of a ’soured’ Guinness. It is named for a good friend of mine; Guinness being her favorite!

D. McElderry’s Irish Wake Stout
Recipe Ó 2004 by Mark Pannell

OG = 1.050
FG = 1.012

Extracts: 3.52 lbs. John Bull dark extract
4 lbs. plain dark DME

Grains: 1/2 lb. British crystal malt, 2-row (40-L)
1/2 lb. Belgian CaraPils malt, 2-row (5.9-L)
1/2 lb. roasted barley (474-L )
4 oz. torrified barley
4 oz. Belgian Black malt, 2-row (550-L )
4 oz. Belgian chocolate malt, 2-row (425-L )

1 oz. Fuggles [4.0% AAU] (70 mins.)
1 oz. Kent Goldings [4.0% AAU] (60 mins.)

1 oz. Cascade [5.4% AAU] (20 mins.)

0.5 oz. Willamette [4.8% AAU] (10 mins.)

Yeast: White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast

1-1/2 cups ‘soured’ Guinness. To ‘sour’, pour the Guinness into a large rimmed glass or bowl and leave uncovered at room temperature for five days prior to brewing. (15 mins.)

Primary: 7 days at 72o F

Secondary: 14 days at 68o- 70o F

Total boil: 70 minutes

Crack the grains, place in muslin grain bag and hold at 155o F for 30 minutes. Remove grains and increase heat to a boil. Add the soured Guinness during the last fifteen minutes of the boil. Cool wort to 70o - 80o F and top off to 5 gallons. Pitch yeast when cooled to 70o F. Prime with 1-1/4 cups plain DME.

If you try this, I sure hope you like it as much as my friends and I do! I'd really be interested to see if any of the All-Grainers here try and convert this recipe, and to hear their results! :D