Criterion F72019 internal depth?

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Sep 28, 2013
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Ok, looking at a Menards criterion F72019 7 CF freezer, unsure of height internally. I'd like to fit 4 kegs without a collar.

Anyone have this model?
There are no inside pix to verify this. But with most of those models, the hump is most likely preventing you from putting 2 kegs on it, while still being able to close the lid.
Yep, understood. Just curious about lower area dimensions.
Lower area dimensions: It's 28 inches tall, 16.5 inches front to back, 20.5 inches wide (left to right as you look at the freezer).

Compressor hump is 7 inches wide, and projects 8 inches above the floor, making the height above the compressor hump 20 inches, so will need a collar to house more than 4 kegs.

Should work great!
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