Could you pour me another beer please... Picture Game!

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Sep 8, 2010
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Hazleton, PA
This game is pretty darn easy... So it's drunk safe! :drunk:

I will start by posting a picture of me pouring a beer. The next person will post a picture of themselves pouring the same beer style as the last person before them. Once you post your "grab" picture, you then post a "challenge" picture. The challenge picture is of you pouring another beer style of your choosing. The first person to post the grab will be the only one who gets to post a new challenge. For this reason, please separate your grab and challenge pictures into two separate posts, in case you and another person post at the same time.

Any beer, whether homebrew, craft, or even large commercial beers, out of a can, bottle, or tap, are accepted

You can't use stock photos on your computer. You need to actually take a new picture of yourself pouring a beer. You've gotta pour to play!

Make sure to include either the name and style of your challenge beer in your post, or make sure that the name and style are clearly visible in your picture.

If two people post a grab at the same time, the post that appears first gets to post the new challenge. The other person is said to have been "bruced."

The challenge pour must be beer. Wine, spirits, or anything else will not be accepted.

Taunting and off-topic banter is not only allowed, it's encouraged!

Here's the first picture to start with:


The first challenge is my homebrew German saison.

Bottoms up! :mug: