cost of kegging, did I find a deal?

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Jan 12, 2008
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I am new to brewing, I just got done bottling my first batch about a week ago (fingers crossed).

Anyway I was exploring some of the local homebrew stores in my area and was able to find some used corny kegs for $20.

This seems like a pretty good deal for used kegs, but after you factor in regulators, plumbing, and a tank (not to mention new o-rings etc potentially) would I be better off buying a kit off some website that was garanteed to work?

Assuming I got a couple of these used kegs, could anyone recommend some places that sells CO2 tanks, regulators etc for reasonable prices?

The kegs that come in those kits are the exact same thing as what you are looking at in your LHBS, and I highly reccomend replacing all o-rings no matter if they leak or not. If you don't, you'll regret it when your tank is empty and your beer is flat. $20 is a good price, so snag up a couple, maybe four. The rest of the equipment can be found on ebay, northern brewer, Austin Homebrew, etc. all for about the same prices. Do some thinking about how many kegs you want hooked up at one time, and consider whether or not you want two different CO2 pressures in the system before you buy anything. Design the system first, then start buying. That way you don't waste any moolah.
$20 is a good price. I've seen them 10 years ago for as low as $5 each, but more than likely, those were probably well used and o-rings and gaskets should have been replaced. I bought 5 for $50 10 years ago and those were in very good shape. Still using the same o-rings and gaskets.