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Dec 5, 2007
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Ann Arbor, MI
Just got a new Corona Mill for Christmas, and wanted to pass along my experiences so far. Brewing first batch with it on Saturday. I don't have any fancy pictures because I'm, you know, lazy.

My initial look at the grinding surfaces on the fully assembled mill made me think that the gap was WAY too small. Accordingly, I took two relatively thick washers (1/8", maybe?) and put one on each bolt holding the bracket that keeps the rotating grinding surface in place. This created a nice, large gap between the surfaces, but one that the adjustment screw could still more than compensate for.

Just thought I'd pass that along for anyone getting too fine a Corona crush.

I've got the gap on my Porkert (corona-style) mill set at about 1mm, my efficiency is mid to high 80's. I've put a picture of my crush on the wiki for comparison. That page has good examples of crushes from various mill types.
Success! Brewed today with the first crush from the new Corona. From my back of the envelope math, looks like about 80% efficiency! A brewery high so far!
Hey -- congrats! That's great. Good old Corona's -- I still don't know why they get such a bad rap about their crush when they perform so well in the hands of so many.

Hope it lasts you many yeast to come!