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Dec 18, 2007
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Merritt Island
A buddy of mine owns a local bar and he had about 8 cornys stashed away in his basement. He let me have three of them as long as I bring him a growler every once in awhile. Two of them had coke in them and they have a black top and they are stamped 5 gallons on the side. The other one had 7up and it has a red top with no stamping. It's slightly shorter, do the top colors tell anything about size? I wonder if that one is 4 gallons.
The one that is full of coke is pressurized and when I pushed the wrong fitting I got a carbonated coke shower. Could the coke be good after sitting year and can I hook it up to my beer tap and use it?
Additionally, if you ran Coke syrup through your beer lines, you would then have to find some way of cleaning it out when it's time to go back to beer! Not good!

You say it's carbonated? Around here, our Pepsi Co rents out corny kegs for events, and they come pre-mixed, so tha tyou don't need a seperate water source. So 5 gal = 5 gal in that case.

Either way. If ya really want to try a drink, I wouldn't put it through your poor beer lines. I'd get a seperate picnic tap, drink whatever you want to drink, and then go about cleaning and rebuilding.
I'm sure both are 5 gallon kegs. the odd size is likely due to it being a Firestone, or one of the weird off-brands besides Cornelius. It's probably a wider diameter if its shorter, if only by an inch or so.
Thanks for info. It actually would be premixed coke because he bought these for an outdoor festival. I'm just going to dump it out, I don't really need all three cornys just yet and I was thinking it was such a waste to dump it. I'm guessing the red top one is also 5 gallons, it's only about 3/4 of an inch shorter. It's weird how things work out, I called 5-6 local places trying to buy these things without finding anything for sale. I was going to a local scrap metal yard on on Saturday morning to look around, they claim they have "kegs" in the pile of metal out back. We stopped by my buddies bar Friday night and when I asked him if he any connections he told me about his stash.