Corny keg rubber top - leaking CO2

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Feb 23, 2020
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For some reason on my corny keg purchased used from AIH long ago, there is not a metal to metal connection between the keg and the poppet. The poppet screws directly on to the black rubber top. It seems unscrewing the poppet this time caused some of it to tear and now there is no way to get any sort of meaningful pressure into it. Just when I was about to bottle. I swear it's ALWAYS something for me.

Any tips or comments here?
That sounds frustrating but there’s probably a simple solution. By poppet I assume you mean the ball lock post. If that’s the case it should make it’s seal by threading down against the small threaded post that is welded to the keg and sandwiching the dip tube and it’s o-ring.
Does your post not thread on all the way?
This ^ is what is needed .....
If I remember correctly @wsmith1625 respond to OP within about 5 minutes and I think I chimed in within about 45. I’m getting the feeling that OP wanted to vent more than actually solve his problem. But who knows, maybe he’ll show up again one day and we can all find out what happened ;)
I’ll be honest, I’m nearly drunk from a huge glass of the imperial IPA that I was troubleshooting and I cannot remember how I fixed the issue.

The issue has been fixed. I am now sufficiently drunk having finished this write up.

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