Cornelius keg variants (any better than the other)?

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Feb 23, 2009
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Jacksonville, FL
Of the many types of Cornelius kegs like (Cornelius-Spartan, Super Champion & R Keg, Type C Challenger, John Wood 85, and older Firestone Challenger kegs) are any preferred over the others? I'm about to buy 4 additional kegs and other than trying to standardize on one type (keep the parts the same) are there any other considerations?

All I can recall as one of the more important ones is to make sure the pressure release valve is not all plastic, as those aren't made anymore... but other than that, I don't know tons about them... Mine are both the same but I have no way of knowing which kind specifically they are...
I have a couple of Firestone pin-locks and the following are all ball-locks: a Challenger VI, a Challenger (that's not the real old style with the odd shaped lid), an old Challenger (with the odd shaped lid), and 5 Cornelius.

All of my ball lock Firestone/Challenger kegs have plastic gas-side dip tubes that are not made anymore. Also, the typical o-ring kit (from say AHS) doesn't have the proper seal/o-ring for inside the posts (the outer post o-rings and lid o-rings fit all my kegs). I don't like them just because of that.

All 5 of my cornies have metal gas dip tubes and the o-ring kits (such as the ones from AHS) fit. I like them because of that so I always try to get cornies.

My 2 psi.:)
Yeah, I was just curious. I have two types right now (don't remember exactly which ones) and they require different poppets...

I was going to try to standardize on one type (or at least types using the same poppets) and was wondering if there was a preference; I guess as long as it is it compatible with the standard and available orings and dip/gas tubes I guess I'm alright.

If you see the old Firestone kegs (Spartenberg with a non-elliptical lid) run far far away. Those are the ones that need the little nylon/plastic inserts in the posts.

Just go with ones with elliptical lids and the screw in reliefs (with a ring-ding on them) and you'll have plenty of repair options.