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Mar 11, 2009
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Can the belgian style ale bottles be used for any brews? I am brewing an ESB right now as my first foray into brewing and have been saving bottles from a hodgepodge of beer that I have been drinking. I want to bottle into larger (22oz) size bottles and I have a few chimay bottles that I was hoping to use, but didn't know if it was okay to use corked bottles for the ESB since i would really be aging it more than 2 weeks in bottles.

Also can I use wine bottles to put the beer in and reuse the corks or should i start with new corks everytime?



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Feb 21, 2008
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Healdsburg, CA
Hey there. You can use the belgian bottles but make sure you get belgian corks. Your LHBS should have them or you can order them from MoreBeer among other places. Wine and champagne corks are of a different diameter and the champagne corks are intended to be removed with much higher CO2 pressure. The wire hoods are also a different diameter than the champagne hoods. Finally - you need a corker. Dip the corks in Starsan before corking to lube them.

Don't use wine bottles and don't use corks that have been used before. The wine bottles aren't made for the pressure and can explode.

Finally, store corked beer upright, not laying down.

That's about it! Good luck.