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Aug 13, 2013
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Hello all. newbie here (well more or less) so go easy.

Had a bit of rush of blood to the head yesterday and bought some ingredients with the idea of doing a partial mash adaptation of the Coopers Stout Kit. Here's what I bought.

1x Brupaks Malted Oats - 500gms
1x Crushed Roasted Barley - 500gms
1x Crushed Pale Malt - 3kgms
2x Muntons Spraymalt - Extra Dark 500gms (was meant to be dark, but like I said, rush of blood to the head :eek:)
1 x 1.7kg can of Coopers Stout kit thingy
I have normal oats too

I like strong stouts but I don't want to go too experimental if it risks making somehting undrinkable. I was hoping to get somethign >5.5%, heavy with a nice coffee undertone.

How much fermentables do I need? I read that you need some base malt to mash with the oats, but how much of the pale malt and the extra dark DME should I add?

I have no idea how to work out bitterness, or even expected ABV, partly cause I don't know whats in the Coopers Stout can (was trying to work it out using Beer Smith). I guess using the roasted barley might mean I shouldn't use the full kilo of extra dark DME and should use more base malt, but I really have no idea. :confused:

Can someone knock me up a recipe using the above igredients or is that far too cheeky????!

I was thinking something like
Brupaks Malted Oats - 500gms
Crushed Pale Malt - 1kgms
Crushed Roasted Barley - 500gms??
Muntons Spraymalt - Extra Dark 1kg
1 x 1.7kg can of Coopers Stout kit thingy
20-30 shots of espresso, Java style
brown sugar / treacle for bottling depending on taste.

I wasn't planning to hop it, although I'd consider dry hopping after sampling a week or so into fermentation.

Oh can anyone explain the difference in effect between plain oats and malted oats?

Apologies in advance for my ignorance.....

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