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Feb 6, 2009
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i recently brewed a batch of coopers european lager after two weeks i shifted it to a secondary last night. how long should i leave it here for? i'm also concerned by the colour of the berr. i used 2 bags of light dme instead of sugar and the beer looks ruby red rather than straw yellow. will this impair the flavour or outcome at all?
Secondary really is not needed for Coopers kits.

Taste it and you will know the flavor.
Did you do this with lager yeast or with ale yeast? Assuming the latter, since you've already moved it to secondary, I'd say 2-3 weeks.

The darkness is a problem with extract beers. It's hard to make them light. Also, the color will look darker when massed in a carboy.
The length of time in secondary varies depending on the temp. I'll allow someone more experienced recommend exact durations, but you'd need to lager if for longer if you're at a warmer temp.