Cooking with Apfelwein?

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Feb 23, 2010
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New Jersey
I have some three month old apfelwein (from my first ferment ever), and I'm now thinking about how to use it. It's great to drink, but I was wondering if it'd be good as an ingredient for cooking? Does anyone have any recipes to use it? Obviously, it's not something in every American cookbook. Sorry if there are a lot of recipes, but all my search found was apfelwein marinated catfish (and we don't usually get cheap catfish in my area, although tilapia would probably do).

I've been thinking I might sear some pork chops, and then deglaze the pan with some apfelwein, adding salt, pepper, and butter to make a sauce, along with maybe some cider vinegar, dried cherries or onions. Does that sound good?

Of course, I'm planning on keeping some to age for a year or so, since apfelwein is a drink that continues to condition. I just enjoy it so much already, I'd like to work with it.
I gave my parents a growler full a few weeks back, they drank about 2/3 and used the rest to marinade a pork tenderloin. I didn't get to try it, but according to them it was awesome.
I did a braised pork roast in the crock pot with it, along with lots of onions and carrots. Came out pretty damn good
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I will have to try a braise, and the baked beans sound good, too. Pork and chicken seem to be the natural pairing, as well.
I thought about using in a dish yesterday but couldn't get it to make sense... That being said, tonight I think I have one that would work!

I did a little trading last week and in the score, I wound up with three of the biggest heads of cabbage I have ever seen. So, I need to find a way to use it.

Here is what I'm thinking.

In a jumbo cooker, start about a pound of beef sausage cut into bite size pieces (I'm sure any sausage would work but, this is what I have on hand). Cook on medium-high heat until it starts to grease the bottom of the pan. Add a few cut up potatoes and cut the heat to low-medium. This will allow the potatos to suck the grease and cook without burning. As the potatoes near done (still rather firm), add a layer of chopped cabbage. These heads are big so, maybe 1/3 a head. Pour in about a pint of apfelwein and season with salt and pepper. I like black pepper so, I would probably go a little overboard. :) Cover and let simmer until the cabbage is tender.
It's great with porkchops. You can do a nice pork/cider and garlic pan sauce with it. There's surprisingly a lot of recipes that call for hard cider, it's fun to use your own hard cider.
Pork chops, potato , sauerkraut, apples and apfelwein. throw them all in a roasting pan and throw it in the oven