Consecutive low OG readings

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Dec 18, 2008
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My first batch was a kit, and my OG ws dead on. so my hydrometer appears to be tuned in.

However my next two - real reciepes - the LME was supplied locally, and my OG was about 8% low both times. I followed the reciepe exactly and final volume was 5 gallons.

Can LME concentration vary between suppliers, or is there a standard quality control rule they have to follow?
what temperature are you reading your gravity at? What are the gravities? Dont rely on volume to tell you when you are finished until you completely figure out your system.
I have it figured out. BeerSmith shows Pale Liquid Extract potential SG as 1.036. I calculate my local supplied extract is really 1.030. I believe my extract is watered down a bit.

I will change this SG extract value in BeerSmith and up the extract quantity to keep the OG equal.