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Dec 8, 2020
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Hi everyone!

First time using Kveik here and have a question. I've been searching around and can't seem to find any info in regards to storage temps after fermentation seems to have halted. The fermentation took roughly 24hrs to go from 1.046 to 1.010 and seems to have stabilized. I've read that Kveik beers are drinkable that soon, but that a week or two in the keg makes it that much better. That being said I usually simultaneously cold crash and carbonate at the same time. Trying to decide how to move forward:
  1. Should I add gelatin, cold crash and carbonate then transfer to keg and let it age? If so, should I age cold, room temp, or at fermentation temp (95-100*F)
  2. Should I take it out of fermentation chamber and let it condition at room temp vs the 100*F I fermented at?
Any suggestions or insight into if either option is superior to the other would be greatly appreciated. Does gelatin addition and cold crash stop any chance of further conditioning or will there still be enough yeast around to allow flavors to develop/change?

TLDR; Will removing a batch of beer brewed with Kveik from the warm (95-100*F) fermentation chamber post active fermentation affect the way the beer continues to condition to maturity?
Jan 23, 2020
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I will do my best here and share what I do. not saying it is right, just my take on in. basically I handle it the way i would anything else after fermentation is complete. so i start it hot, then after a few days i let it drop naturally to room temp. i have used it for neipas so at this point i cold crash it and drop it out of the fermenter (conical). then i bring it back to 50f, dry hop for 3days and cold crash again before moving to my kegs.

this may vary depending on the style you are brewing so i cant really tell you much more then that. but I feel that it conditions fine at room temp after fermentation is complete. the only way i treat it different from when i use a standard ale yeast is i cold crash it harder and longer before my dry hop addition.

El Duderino

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Oct 16, 2020
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I dry hop 48 hours after pitching, and I keep it at 95 degrees for 2 days after fermentation finishes, then cold crash, package etc