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North Carolina Complete hybrid RIMS/HERMS/stovetop system

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Aug 14, 2017
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Putting out a feeler for selling a complete brewing system (possibly in parts), built from scratch. The system is highlighted here and here.

Built it a bit over a year ago, lots of great brew days with it, but now working on something a bit different. System is designed to be super flexible, so also can be used easily for sous-vide and other things. You can scrap it for parts, do whatever with it.

Everything pictured is included, except the chugger pump (can sell it to you for $120 extra).

It's a hybrid RIMS/HERMS/stovetop system, diagrammed in the pictures here.

Mashing: Recirculating mash. 10 gallon mash tun includes false bottom and ball lock. Stalks at the top are a temperature probe (movable) the mash water inlet, and the float switch (used during auto fly sparging). Wort runs out bottom through copper immersion / HERMS coil, which is sitting in the HLT. HLT temperature is powered by a RIMS-tube setup. 8-gallon HLT is powered by a RIMS tube + mini pump. I put it on the stove for faster ramp up times.

Sparging: Slight reconfiguration needed, but it is totally hands off electric auto fly sparge. When float switch in mash tun is too low, pump is triggered.

Boil: is stovetop.

Whirlpool: works via whirlpool arm.

Control panel is working, well grounded, and has been inspected by an electrician, but I assume no responsibility for anything once it leaves my hands.

Boil/HLT kettle and RIMS tube have both been upgraded with insulation since that picture was taken.

There are some small quirks and some wear and tear (better to point out and explain in person or over e-mail), but it's honestly a really great system.