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Bob Mar

Sep 16, 2020
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Custom Stainless Steel Brew Stand
Welded Stainless Steel custom fabricated brew stand with 3 burners, regulator set for liquid propane usage.
Banjo style burners, Bayou Classic - high pressure cast iron burner BG10.
4 heavy-duty locking casters built to last.

Brewstand only: $2,250

Price includes 6' wide, 4' tall, 1.5' deep welded frame, 3 mounted burners with LPG regulator and connector, custom SS laser-cut hop logo for future control panel, plus one hot liquor tank with a large easy-to-read external thermometer for precision water additions. System allows for dual simultaneous gravity-fed batches to make the most out of your brew day.

Full Set Up $3,000

This complete Homebrew set up includes everything you will need to start making beer from start to finish!
Custom Stainless Steel Brew Stand shown above,
2x 10 gallon foam core / rubber cooler mash tuns,
2x 15-gallon custom-built keg style brew kettles,
2x copper tube style wort chillers (1 with recirculating arm attachment),
3x 6-gallon plastic carboys with stoppers and airlocks for fermenting,
6x 5-gallon plastic buckets with lids and airlocks for fermenting,
Misc. sized buckets for small-batch fermenting and cleaning,
1x manual or drill driven grain mill from Kegco - multiple settings,
7x 5-gallon soda kegs for finishing/serving - Ball Lock style,
2x 5-gallon soda kegs for filtering/serving - Pin Lock style,
Misc. sized Industrial style type D kegs (5x 5-gal, 1x 7.5-gal, 1x 15-gal),
2x water filter (1 dedicated for brew water, 1 dedicated for filtering beer),
1x floating glass style hydrometer,
1x refractometer style hydrometer,
1x temperature gun,
1x thermometer,
2x brewmaster spoons,
2x hop spiders for primary hop additions,
2x SS hop cages for primary or secondary hop additions,
2x auto beer siphons,
1x beer thief,
Misc. sized bags for brew-in-a-bag setup and hop addition bags,
Bottle cleaning/drying rack for bottle serving,
5lb CO2 tank with regulator for keg serving,
2x industrial style type D keg taps,
2x Eurlenmyer flasks for yeast starters,
2x stir plates for yeast starters,
assorted cleaning supplies: Star-san, PBW, scrub brushes, and specialized brushes,
assorted bottles - swing top style,
1x large plastic funnel,
3x Cast Iron Industrial style burners

Available in Santa Ana, CA 92705 for PICK-UP ONLY on Saturday, September 26. If multiple offers are received the person will the best offer with cash-in-hand on Saturday morning at 10 AM will take it home.
More photos available in Google Album: Hop Curious Brewing Supplies / Inventory

Other items for sale (see individual listings), will offer a discount/priority selling on the following if purchasing the "Full Set Up"
- Extra Large Deep Freezer Ready for Kegerator Conversion - $500
- 3 Tap Full Size Kegerator - $250
- Kegerator Tower Conversion Kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included) - $250
- Mini CO2 Regulator Kit - $150
- 2x CO2 Tank Regulators - $50

Combined total of $4200 for everything, will discount to $3600 if taking EVERYTHING


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Bob Mar

Bob Mar

Sep 16, 2020
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