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Dec 16, 2015
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My interest in brewing has faded and I’ve made the decision to get out of the hobby. I have a 25 gallon electric brewing system setup in my basement with a lot of equipment. I’m located in Southeastern Connecticut. Shipping is not an option. Other than the CO bottles everything was purchased new and is all in excellent condition. I can provide more pictures of specific items if requested.

Jadred King Cobra immersion chiller ($100)

(2) Speidel Thermo Wells ($15 each)

Vee Gee Scientific BTX-1 Handheld Refractometer, with Brix Scale, 0-32%, +/-0.2% Accuracy, 0.2% Resolution, 10 to 30 degree C ATC ($75)

25 Gallon Electric Brewing System - Nanobrewer by Colorado Brewing Systems Includes all hoses, fittings, kettle condenser, spare pump impeller and heating element ($1800) - SOLD

(2) Grainfather Glycol Cooled Fermenters with Grainfather Glycol Chiller - Also includes spare gaskets, (2) extra long 6.3” Liquid Inlets, Conical Coats ($1800) - SOLD

Maytag Chest Keezer - 14.8 cuft Freezer new in 2016 with 6 Perlick Faucets installed. Includes (6) Perlick Stainless Steal 630SS and (2) Perlick Stainless Steal 650SS flow control faucets, temperature controller, dual CO2 regulator and 5lb CO2 Bottle. ($700) SOLD

Fermentation Chamber with 3.5 cu.ft. refrigerator and temperature controller. Interior Dimensions: 32.5” Wide x 44.5” Long x 31.5” High ($150) SOLD

(4) 5 Gallon Corny Ball Lock Kegs - Purchased new in 2016 still in excellent condition ($50 each) SOLD

(4) Speidel 30 liter Fermenters - Includes all fittings and spare gaskets ($30 each or $100 for all four) SOLD

(1) 5lb CO2 Bottle - FULL ($25) SOLD

(1) 20lb CO2 Bottle - ~ 3/4 Full ($50) SOLD

Taprite Double Body T-handle CO2 Regulator (0-30 psi) ($50) SOLD

(2) Tilt Wireless Hydrometers “Single-Cap” Green and Purple with replacement washers ($50 each) SOLD

Barley Crusher Grain Mill with 15lb hopper ($50) SOLD

Blickman Beer Gun ($50) SOLD

(3) PLAATO Keg Management System ($100) SOLD

Hop Spider - stainless steel 13.75” high x 5.9” diameter ($10) SOLD

(6) Clear Beer Floats ($20 each) SOLD

(2) Brewing America Pro Series Hydrometers (1) with thermometer ($30) SOLD

Hanna Digital Refractometer for Brewing ($100) SOLD

ThermoWorks pH Meter with Replaceable Electrode (8689) ($60) SOLD

(4) Vittles Vault Outback Stackable 60 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container ($15 each) SOLD

Ferrari Super Agata Bench Capper ($20) SOLD

(24) 16oz EZ Cap Bottles ($25) SOLD

(10) 32oz EZ Cap Bottles ($10) SOLD


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