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For Sale Complete 1BBL Brewery - Texas DFW Area

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Sep 21, 2007
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I am selling my 1BBL complete setup, that was formerly used in a brewpub. Includes absolutely everything to run a brewery, plus extras (1000lbs of grain, cleaning chemicals, 30 pounds of hops, a few bricks of dry yeast, etc).
The system is still operational, so the potential buyer can see everything work. Everything is located in Commerce, Texas (North East of Dallas). I will not arrange shipping (buyer would be in charge) and would prefer a local sale.

I am asking $25,000 OBO for everything, and not looking to split it up at the moment.

Here is the link that I posted on Probrewer for the brewery.

Feel free to ask any questions or give me feedback. If anyone is interested, there is even beer to sample that the machine made (still on tap at the brewpub).
You can lookup the brewpub on Facebook or Untappd.