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Mar 1, 2009
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San Diego
I recently stumbled onto an old recipe for Coca-Cola as well as "OpenCola" and it got me thinking, has anyone tried a brew with any combination of these flavors (being the "flavor extract" for Cola):

Orange Oil
Lemon (/Lime) Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Corriander Oil
Neroli Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Lavender oil
Cassia Oil

I've never heard of Cassia or Neroli, and obviously they don't have to be in the form of oils, but I'm curious if anyone has taken an endeavor in doing something like this. I'd imagine it would work best in something with a clean flavor and little hop influences.
Haven't tried those, but the consensus in brewing using Coke or pepsi is that the amount of acid in the soda would kill off the yeast.
Lemon and citrus oil would be high in acid, not sure about the others.
There would be no coke or pepsi in this ale. I'm simply talking about using the same flavoring extract that is used in such drinks, and for things like Lemon I'd imagine zest would also be a viable substitute.
I can vouch for orange zest, lemon zest, nutmeg (powder), and cinnamon (stick), everything else seems reasonably safe though I can't say for sure.

Did you get the recipe from NPR? I just heard a story on there about how they found the recipe in some sodashop owner's estate.