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Feb 17, 2011
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San Diego
I'm looking for some input on a recipe I want to try. My base recipe is the Weed, Feed and Mow (Cream Ale) from Brewing Classic Styles but I want to replace the flaked rice/corn and corn sugar with flaked oats. My hope is that by adding the oats I will end up with more body and a better base for the vanilla and coffee. I thought about 1/2-3/4 lb of oats for a 6 gallon batch. I may add some lactose as well.

Thoughts on this idea?

Thanks in advance!!


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Oct 16, 2014
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That should turn out well. Here's my ideas ont eh additions:

Vanilla - use chopped vanilla beans added into the fermentor. I like to cover them in water, boil for a min to sanitize, then add them in along with the water. THe boilign also extracts a lot of flavor very quickly

Coffee - add whole a lightly crushed beans into the fermentor. I always use coffee from a sealed bag so I know its clean. Leave in for as long as a dry hop. IME, this gets a more rounded, more potent, and longer lasting coffee flavor than cold steep or flameout additions

You could definitely use 2-3x that much oats. My latest DIPA had 2 lbs. If you really want to taste the oats, I would toast 1/2 lb or so in your oven. Reaklly gives that oatmeal cookie flavor