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DeRoux's Broux

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Nov 19, 2004
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I wanted to see how many have brewed using coffee before. I brewed a Coffee Porter this weekend and used .5 lbs of Community Coffee Dark Roast mixed in w/ the grains. The mash smelled awesome!!!! Just wondering how others have done it and how the results came out.

DeRoux's Broux
When I bottled a stout a while back, I added in a few shots of cooled espresso to my bottling bucket. From what I've heard, boiling the coffee will release more bitterness, but I would assume that refers to boiling the coffee grounds, which you didn't do. Is the water in the mash tun hot enough to brew the coffee? I thought coffee was usually brewed with nearly boiling water, which a mash never reaches. But perhaps the cooler temps would bring out the flavors without the bitterness? I guess that when you are getting ready to bottle or keg, you could taste the brew and see if there is enough coffee flavor, and if you want more, just brew some jo and throw it in there -- I have heard of people mixing chocolate in there as well, for more of a mocha effect, yum! I dunno, but I'll be curious to hear how your method works out!
i mashed in w/ 170 degrees, and resulted in a mash temp of 155 degrees for an hour. i cut out the black patent malt so it wouldn't be too much. i talked to one guy that steeped his grounds when he shut down the boil, for 15 min. i was worried adding brewed coffee in the secondary or @ kegging would be too strong a flavor?????

thanks for the feed back. guess it means i'll have to brew a few more coffe porters to compare!

DeRoux's Broux
I just brewed a stout mini mash kit for 5 gallons using 3/4 of a pound of coffee that we ground before adding it into the boil. It came out awesome. Better than i expected!
cool. mine's still conditioning, so i haven't got to taste it yet. it tasted pretty damnm good when i bottled it though!
My brew buddy and I put in about 1/4 pound of Starbucks French roast (whole bean) into the secondary of a stout we made. It's literally one of the best beers we've ever made. After bottle conditioning long enough for good carbonation the coffee smell was almost overpowering even though the taste wasnt. After conditioning a couple of more weeks it was perfect. We did add some lactose to counter any overt bitterness from the coffee and it worked out great.
mine will be in the bottle for 4 weeks before it get's tested. i only bottled 4 for a competition and kegged the remainder.
did ya'll not sanitize the whole beans?????? brave souls........... :~)
When I brew a coffee beer I steep the ground beans at room temperature over night, then add to taste to the bottling bucket.
good idea. pretty good coffee flavor from it?

seems no one person i've got a response from does it the same way...
"good idea. pretty good coffee flavor from it?"

I read about the over night room temp steep a few years ago. It is supposed to give a real smooth coffee flavor. I really like it so I never tried any other way of doing it.
Use good quality coffee, I like Starbucks.
i'm really happy with mine. i used a local coffee that's been roasted in my hometown for like 50 years. Seaport Coffee from the Beaomunt Coffee
i'm really happy with mine. i used a local coffee that's been roasted in my hometown for about 50 years. Seaport Coffee from the Beaumont Coffee Company. Just a cool little quirk to give it some nostalgia too!

DeRoux's Broux