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Jun 12, 2006
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South River, NJ
Lol, IDK how this one will turn out. Someone had mentioned making some other mead out of tea so I figured I'd try it out with some spare honey I have. Coca tea is made from the Coca plant, yes, the plant used to make Cocaine. :p :D It has very trace amounts (1kg of leaves, an enormous amount, makes 1 "hit"). The tea is a Peruvian specialty and is locally served EVERYWHERE. I fell in love with the stuff when I went there, and it'll taste great with honey!

20 Coca teabags (legal to import into the US)
2.5lbs Wildflower honey
1/5th pkg AHS Sweet Mead Pack
1/4 tsp Fermax Yeast Nutrient
1/2tsp Yeast Energizer
1pkg Lavlin D47

I figure 8oz of water per tea bag. If you get coca leaves (no bags), figure on around .5-1gram per serving

Brew 20 bags of tea in water. I boiled the bags for just a minute just to kill anything in them. The bags came from bolivia.. so who knows. :D Let it cool with the bags in there, remove the bags, add the honey, put in the primary, aerate, add nutrients, energizer, and yeast. Forget about it for 6 months.
Interesting recipe. However, coca leaf has an average of 5mg of cocaine per gram of leaf. This is a significant amount when it comes to some one that could possibly undergo drug screenings. Keep that in mind before consuming :)

Unless you're getting some kind of 'de-cocaininzed' leaf, in which case, why bother? ;)

One kilo of leaf will produce ~5 grams of cocaine(assuming perfect yield), good for many many 'hits'.

Have you brewed this yet? If so, how did it turn out? Still aging at this point, I assume.
I've made some tea flavored mead (w/2 boxes of Celestial Seasoning's Fruit Tea) back in the '90s that came out very nicely.

OK, one of the first things I got from your instructions is that you boiled the tea bags. That's a no-no. I know it was only a minute, but you may have tannins in the water.

Tea is supposed to be steeped. They are just like grain, once the tea bags have been removed...and NOT squeezed...then you can boil the water.

I used a sweet mead yeast.
I want to bump this one in hopes that we might get some feedback on how it turned out.
Hey man, a few of us are very curious how that coca mead turned out. I know it's been a couple years since you made it, any luck? If not I'll assume you failed a drug screening and are undergoing years of "recovery" treatment :drunk: