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Mar 24, 2021
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In process of building a Keezer new to all grain brewing. Only thing I have left to do is purchase a CO2 regulator and some tap shanks.
I am being told I should go with a Micromatic regulator duel Gauge is around $120 plus tax cad
The other option I see is a Taprite with same features for $90 plus tax
Is the Micromatic really that much better quality than taprite? Is there less maintenance better performance?
I've used Taprite for years, have never used Micromatic. So maybe I don't know what I'm missing. But my keezer regulator is not something I mess with. Maybe if I was constantly changing pressure or something I might find some flaws, but I don't. So cheapest bit to get the job done, is how I look at it.

Also, a couple years back, in my keezer rebuild, I put in an ITW GovReg inline at the 6-way gas manifold inside. That renders my Taprite on my tank even more moot.
I am with @micraftbeer on this.
Go with a cheaper regulator off your tank and roll those saved $$ into in line regulators going to your kegs. Gives you the flexibility to do drastically different styles on tap without having one or more coming out drastically over/under carbed.
Just my thoughts.
IMO Taprite is the higher quality by far. Very durable, repairable and parts are easily obtainable. Micromatic is a spin off copy of Taprite. Whom ever suggested Micromatic over Taprite was either mis-informed or not comparing the same type regs. I have a few of each plus a couple of no name off brands. Taprite regulators out perform the others 100% of the time. Same thing applies to faucets and other beer related hardware. Bottom line Micromatic is an entry level product but it should perform well for you. I don't think I've ever seen Taprite offered for less money than Micromatic so that's a good deal also.
Thank you for your responses feedback is greatly appreciated. Everything I have read on internet keeps saying Taprite is #1 so I was surprised 2 different retailers suggested Micromatic over Taprite , only reason being Micromatic are the best. Maybe this is more from a perspective of someone running a bar or high production, I think for me the taprite will be more than sufficient for me 1-4 kegs I will have in my keezer in my basement