Cloudy IPA?

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Jan 20, 2009
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Golden, CO (Coor's Front Yard)
So I have an IPA in primary right now about to be bottled. I took a hydro sample and it was nice and clear, and at my target gravity (maybe a tad high). So I dry hopped it with an ounce of cascade pellets. I just took some out to give it a smell and a taste and it was really cloudy. What might be up? Its been in the fermenter for a month.
Dryhopping with pellets will do that. It will clear out with time. This is the main reason that I prefer to dryhop with leaf.
That all depends on how important clarity is to you. If I'm brewing a beer just for me and not for a competition, then I'm not overly concerned about clarity.

If you have other beers to drink, this one will probably clear up in a few weeks. If you're out of beer, then you'll be fine bottling it now.

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