Closed transfer to keg blowback

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Jul 31, 2013
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I wasn't sure how to word the title of the post. I lost track of what I was doing one night while transferring to my keg. I filled the keg with sanitizer, Pushed it out with co2 leaving the keg purged. I hooked everything up for the closed transfer and left hooking it up to the keg last. I forgot to pull the relief valve on the keg so when I connected to the out connecter on the keg all of the co2 in the keg went the only route it could. It blew into the fermenter with force and stirred up everything in wild The top blew off leaving me standing there staring at it for a minute wondering what just happened. Anyways, I put the top back in and purged it once again with co2 the best I could and this time went along with the transfer. Do you think this will result in oxidation? One part of me thinks because it was co2 not oxygen it should be ok, but the amount of agitation in the beer makes me feel all kinds of wrong. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I feel like I have a slight off taste but I'll never know if it was the blowback or anything else because I didn't taste it before the transfer. Not much I can do about it now, just had to share the fun experience.
I’d buy your reasoning that all the CO2 would be mostly protective. Perhaps the upwelling of all the sediment/traub/etc that’s giving your unfamiliar flavor note. I’d give it more time. RDWAHAHB :mug:
Top blew off - so, not a steel fermenter. No doubt, some oxygen got into your brew, but probably not enough to explain "slight off taste." I agree that the trub disturbance is a likely culprit. I'm glad any problem is slight.