Closed transfer onto PB and Chocolate

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May 22, 2020
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Wasnt sure where to post this but its all in 5 gal corny kegs so here goes..

Making a PB and chocolate stout. Plan on close transferring from fermenting keg to a secondary keg that has the PB and chocolate in it already.

2 questions.

1 - Should I put my PB and cocoa nibs into bags in the secondary or just leave them loose? I have a floating dip tube with a filter that I usually ditch the float ball and add a SS weight to keep it at the bottom. If I left the ingerdients loose in the keg I would definately need to get rid of the weight and add the float ball back or the filter would most likely get clogged.
2 - Should I do a 3rd transfer into a serving keg after a week or two then put to carb or should I just put the secondary to carb after a week or two - serve from keg with PB and cocoa nibs still in it?