"Cleanup" ale

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Aug 14, 2008
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Stevens Point, WI
I've got a bunch of extract ingredients lying around that I want to get rid of. Taking a month or two sabbatical from homebrewing (at least until I get moved and work stops being so busy. Ready for full-scale all-grain but don't have the time/space right now. Plus I have about 12 cases of homebrew to take care of) and I'd like to get this stuff used up so it's off of my mind.

Recipe I'm thinking of is:
3.3 lb Briess Gold LME
3 lb unknown brand light DME
.5 lb crystal 20L
1 oz cascade 7% @ 60
1 oz cascade 4% @ 15
1 oz cascade 4% @ 5
safale us-05 (anxious to see if this is as good as people say)

The 7% Cascade I got from AHS, the 4% from the LHBS. Figure I make the most out of the 7%...

What do you guys think? That's all of my extract/hop stock, but I have a bunch of different crystal varieties, some chocolate, special b, roasted, etc... I also ordered a couple oz of centennial with my rhizome order, because I could. Think I should dry hop with an ounce of centennial on top of this?


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Jan 27, 2009
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Englewood CO
hmm sounds like it has potential to be a medium/low hopped house style IPA i have dry hopped two of the last 3 beers i have brewed a pilsner ale and a house honey amber ale used a 4% aau and a 9% aau both where dry hopped with an ounce of each and where amazing and received high reviews from my local critics aka beer drinking buddies.........my two cents...go for it if nothing else it will give you practice removing hop bags from a carboy no easy feat IMO :drunk: