Cleaning/Sanitizing lines if only making seltzer water

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Seltzer sipper
Feb 18, 2023
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Hello. My Komos kegerator and equipment was brand new 4 months ago and I have not cleaned or sanitized anything since then. I only make seltzer (aka carbonated water or soda water). I do NOT add any flavorings or sweeteners, just filtered city water and the co2.
I recently began getting a sour, bitter taste and wondered if I may need to clean and sanitize the lines, kegs, tap, etc.
My question is, since I have only ran water through the system- can I just run a keg of Starsan through through? Would this be sufficient?
Thank you.
If there is something that needs to be cleaned then a cleaner needs to be used first. Blc, llc, pbw,.... star san just sanitizes. You may also need to disassemble you tap and clean it, soak the parts in cleaner. Don't forget to clean your keg too.
So after much research I decided to clean the system with Oxiclean Free, follow with a hot water rinse, and finish with a Starsan mixture. I should note that I have EvaBarrier lines and Duotight fittings.
So far everything is fine and the seltzer tastes great. Thank you for the help.