Cleanest beer I've made and I almost threw it out

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Mar 2, 2008
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This batch of beer that i'm drinking I thought for sure was ruined

#1 I forgot to fill the airlock for the first 24 hours
#2 it spewed allover my fridge and sat for at leat a day or two before I noticed

It was out in the garage and we were seeing a 20 degree shift in temps

One day it would snow and the next be sunny (did this repeatedly)

I didn't even bother to put it into a secondary

After 4 weeks I figured I would just through it in a keg and see how bad it was

Didn't even bother to age it in the keg - just long enough to get cold

Tell you what, its darn good - Very clean, just the right amount of bitter

Nice white head, good head retention

A bit cloudy, but all my beers do that

Seriously, Don't give up on your beers - some of the batches I was sure were bad turned out the best



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Jan 4, 2008
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Did you make a post about forgetting to fill the airlock? I seem to remember a thread about that.

Congrats on finding out how difficult it is to ruin beer! :D