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Dec 1, 2013
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Hello all,

Looking for a yeast that will accentuate a citrusy pale ale. I do a generic pale ale and rack it to secondary over apricot puree for 2 weeks. I then add apricot puree at bottling. I am hoping to find a yeast that will accentuate the citrusy flavor or maybe add a little citrus itself. Any ideas or personal experiences? Ive searched high and low.

I like WY1272 American Ale II fermented in the 72-74 range. It gives off some tart citrus notes similar to Bell's house strain. Of course, if you can get Bell's house strain, do that. If you've ever had Bell's Oberon, the citrus notes that are prevalent in that brew come entirely from the yeast.

My next brew will be a Mango blonde ale and I'll be using 1272 as described above to do exactly what you are looking to do.
Just made a ipa with giga yeast Vermont ipa yeast. It's Conan which accentuates hoppy beers. Supposedly a peachy note to it

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