Cinnamon and Vanilla addition - raw vs tincture?

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Jun 29, 2015
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Santa Fe
I'm going to start a 3 gallon batch of plain ol' mead and divide it into three separate 1 gallon carboys to try different things. One of the gallons will be a cinnamon/vanilla mead.

My question is should I just add the cinnamon stick and vanilla stick (sliced lenghtwise) directly to the jug or should I make a tincture and then add some of the resulting spice liquid?

I plan on letting it sit in secondary for quite a while before bottling if that makes any difference.
I like to add the ingredients directly to the mead in secondary. Tying a string to the cinnamon and vanilla bean or using a hopps bag will help to remove them when you are happy with the flavor.
Personally, for Vanilla, I have found it easier to make the Tincture or Extract and add that. For one, it makes it so you can measure how much you put in and replicate it better but either way works well.
I'd, personally, add the raw spices to the mead but I don't have a huge amount of experience in the field of adding seasoning to home-fermented alcoholic beverages.
I'd just add raw stick & split bean to secondary. Put 'em in a hop sack, weigh it down with a couple sanitized marbles, tie a sanitized line to the sack & secure it with the bung.
Regards, GF.