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Ohio Cincinnati - All-Grain 3-Vessel System for 10 gallon batches plus extras

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Oct 8, 2007
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Local pick-up in Cincinnati, OH only. (if not sold by 9/14 I would be willing to ship the RIMS at buyers cost for shipping). https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/for/d/loveland-homebrew-all-grain-10-gallon-3/6972631302.html
  • 15 gallon keggle w/ welded port, sight glass, thermometer, pickup tube and ball valve with large 1/2 ID Barb ($160) (this has been my HLT but could also be used as a boil kettle)
  • 15 gallon boil kettle, drilled with two 3 piece ball balves (w/weldless fittings), ($120)
  • Gott 10 gallon cooler w false bottom ball valve and cam fittings. ($80)
  • 12" RIMS tube w cam lock fittings, thermowell and stainless 1600 watt element + PID and probe ($175) (**PLEASE READ INFO BELOW ABOUT THE RIMS TUBE)
  • Fastferment with stand and custom stand and strap + extra dump collection ball. ($100)
  • Bayou Classic 55,000 BTU Square Propane burner ($30)
  • Bottle tree and santizer spray/vinator ($30)
  • 3 Converted ball lock corney kegs 5 gal each - $80 for all 3 or $30 each.
  • Brew bucket fermentor and racking cane, bottle filler. ($15)
  • Wort chiller - 25' and 20' copper coils combined to provide ~45' of copper for cooling wort. ($40)
  • Chugger pump with SS head w/cam lock fittings ($160) (this is retail price, I still need this for my current system thus would rather not sell it but will provide as part of a package if buyer takes all, alternately I keep the pump and will deduct the pump price from the total for the lot)
There is over 1000 dollars in this equipment, but it is used so am trying to price accordingly. The RIMS has never been used however also is not finished (element and controller still need to be wired). While also considering pricing, much of this is stainless steel and maintains its condition and value more so than plastic and aluminum. Thus the stainless steel items are not discounted as much for the used condition. The mash cooler still works well but does have a warp in the plastic, otherwise is in very good condition with few noticeable marks/scratches. All items include cam-lock quick connect fittings with exception of the HLT which has a 1/2" extra wide barb. It is all high flow for use with a pump and stainless steel connectors/valves. Have had some drips from the fitting on the MLT that can be corrected with some tweaking of the fitting seal, otherwise it all is leak free.

All of the above combined totals 990 dollars. I still need a pump for my current system so only discounting as incentive for a single buyer of the entire lot. So asking for everything including the pump $750 dollars (almost 10% off the prices above + a free pump or about 25% off the total).

All the above without the Chugger pump $660 (~20% off the total prices of everything w/o the pump).

Only will consider offers for individual items starting on Sunday 9/8/19 as would prefer to not spend lots of time with individual sales. Please make offers but unless you are a close friend or relative low ball offers will not get a response.

The RIMS tube has an all staineless 1600w foldback element and thermowell installed. It has never been wired to the PID. The PID is a Auber SYL-2362. There is an unknown 3-wire type probe that can be connected to PID. Likely requires SSR's to power the element but i don't really know how to wire this as i got as a project from another person on this forum and never got around to it.