Cider vinegar?

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Sep 23, 2007
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Odenton, MD
I started a 5-gallon batch of cider back in mid-October and have finally admitted defeat. Some time in November, I believe my cider got infected. I tasted the cider last night and it is most definitely on its way to becoming cider vinegar.

I want to make the most of this, so I siphoned off 2 gallons of the cider to keep for cider vinegar. Has anyone continued to let their infected cider go to make vinegar? Do I just need to let it continue to sit for another month or two? I've got it in 1-gallon jugs with airlocks.
I filled two empty cider vinegar bottles (that had a little liquid and mother in them) with apfelwein to see what I get. I hear it can take a month or more to get vinegar. The bacteria need oxygen to thrive and not getting enough oxygen will slow down the fermentation process, but not kill it off. Commercial vinegar operations pump air into their vats.
Good to know - maybe I will take the airlocks off then, and replace them with plastic wrap with small holes in it. Thanks!
I just folded up a half-sheet of paper towel, and rubberbanded it over the mouth of the bottle.
Lol... I hope you got mother of vinegar in there and not some other rank ass bacteria! HA! Yeah, mother of vinegar needs oxygen to work... cheesecloth over the top of the jug works good.