Chocolate Rye Malt and Hobgoblin

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Dec 30, 2007
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I was gathering ingredients at the LHBS a couple days ago to brew some hobgoblin and they had two types of chocolate malt, wheat or rye. No just plain chocolate malt.

It was cheaper to guess at which one I needed and maybe not have to go back, so I grabbed a bag of chocolate rye malt. Will that work? I can't find any website that lists just chocolate malt and then chocolate rye malt so that I can compare the two, so also, what is the difference.

Chocolate is developed in the roasting process. The main difference I've found between wheat & barley is wheat is de-husked & MUCH harder. I suspect chocolate rye will do the trick. Might even give a little extra spiciness.
basically, one is made from rye, the other from barley.

that might make for an interesting brew. i love rye in beer, made a rye stout once that was to die had a little spiciness in the background that was awesome.

haven't tried chocolate rye, tho.
Sounds like in the small quantities that Hobgoblin requires it either won't change anything or may add a very slight spiciness to the beer. I think I will just give it a shot. Hopefully I don't waste the very valuable hops that I tracked down!