Chocolate Raspberry Porter

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Aug 30, 2008
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Pearland, TX
I would like your thoughts on this recipe. It has to be a porter and have these ingredients (its a friendly competition). Northern Brewer for Bittering, Raspberries and California V yeast. I would like to make it a chocolate raspberry porter bit have the raspberries come through more than the chocolate.

5.5 Gallons
10# two row (US)
12oz Chocolate Malt
8oz Crystal 60
8oz Crystal 80
1# Crystal 40
8oz Cara-pils
1oz Northern Brewer (60mins)
California V yeast.

I'm not sure how many raspberries I should use yet or when I'll put them in (probably just secondary). Also I was thinking about using some cocao nibs in secondary. My general thought was to make it more of a "milk chocolate" instead of a dark chocolate. I am toying with the idea of some black patent to instead do the darker chocolate. Again I'd like the raspberries show more than the chocolate.

Thank you for your feedback.


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Nov 13, 2007
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Christiansted, St Croix, USVI
I'd make the grist less complicated and reduce all those different Crystals to a pound of 60L. Nix the CaraPils, as a mashing brewer doesn't need it. If you want more body and mouthfeel, mash differently. Black Patent can work, but don't overdo it. I think 4 ounces ample for a nice deep black color but not much of the acrid flavors associated with black patent. Good Robust Porter grist has Pale, Crystal, Chocolate and Black Patent. That's it. See Coal Porter in my Recipes dropdown. ;)

Adding the raspberries in the secondary makes sense. In terms of amounts, a couple of pounds should be ample. I can't help with the cacao because I've never used it.

Cheers! :mug: