Choco-Raspberry Porter

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Nov 20, 2005
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Massachusetts, USA
JadeDog asked, so here it is...

Not my best, but did clear out my freezer of all the stuff that has been hanging arround. It has aged well in bottles after 8 months...my friends have enjoyed it. I'd go a bit lighter on the raspberry and the chocolate left some milk solids in the bottles, but here it is as I first made it (adapted from Joy of Homebrew, p.199 Goat Scroatum Ale). Directions are sketchy, I think I had too many homebrew on this day... :drunk: !!!

3# american amber ME
2.75# LDME
1# 80 crystal
2oz black grain
7 oz roasted barley
1oz Northern
0.5oz Chinook
0.5 Willamete (aroma)
1cup brown sugar
1cup molasses
2tsp gypsum
1# corn sugar
6oz unsweet Baker's chocolate

#1272 Wyeast

2oz rasberry extract at priming
1.25 cup DME for priming

Grains and 2G water
When just to boil, pull grains
add remaining except aroma hops and boil for 45min
add moss for last 20min or so
toss in aroma hops at the end and chill, pitch

I did not take OG or FG.

Yeast lagged and started kicking almost two days later.

I primaried for 12 days (slacker) @ 70 deg and then racked to secondary for a month at 70 deg.

At the time of bottling I wrote in my notes...good flavor, milk solids in bottles, too much raspberry, and "good stuff".

This is a big heavy beer and you have to like strong flavors! Don't blame me and good luck!


Aug 27, 2006
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People's Republic of Cambridge
Thanks for the info, I want to get a few more brews under my belt before I start experimenting with extra ingredients, but I also want a choc. porter for the Jan. and Feb.