Choc Raspberry Porter

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Jul 14, 2005
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Well, Unfortunately I was unable to get this brew going until this past weekend. (See for discussion)

I went into Maryland Homebrew and spoke with a guy there and he gave me some great advice on how to do this beer. Basically we came up with 4 different grains:
- Cara-pils
- Cara-vienne
- Choc malt
- Wheat

In regards to brewing with wheat, I was told that adding a little bit of wheat to any batch will add to the beer's head. Can someone please comment more on this?

I used a 1/2 lb of each of those 4 grains, and used 3lbs light extract (both wet and dry).

My boil was only for 30 mins, with 1oz of Fuggles (1/2oz at first, followed by another 1/2 for last 15 mins.)

I am using White Labs British Ales yeast, and so far the beer is coming along well. Next weekend I will rack my beer into a secondary over some raspberry concentrate. I decided not to go with the method described in my previous post of using fresh fruit. For my first beer with fruit in it, I figured using concentrate that is already sanitized is much easier for me.