Chilled priming solution foam control?

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Mar 22, 2021
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Kansas City
I fermented my last two batches under pressure (5-10 psi), and planned on bottling 1-2 gallons from each (whatever was left after filling a 5 gallon keg of each).

I made my priming solution early (just boiling the sugar into water), but because I wasn't going to bottle until later, I chilled the priming solution in the fridge all day.

I was then very pleasantly surprised how little foaming issues I had. Both batches had been under 5-10 psi pressure for two weeks, and I was only using a crude picnic tap with an open-ended bottling wand attached. I've bottle under similar conditions dozens of times (except for the chilled priming solution), and this was easily the least foaming I've seen.

I therefore wonder if chilling the priming solution helps prevent foaming. I know chilling the bottles helps (though I didn't notice much difference when I tried that). On to something or no way?