Chili porter, help requested

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May 7, 2009
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So I had a request for a chili porter and I'm looking for some help.

My target is to have the flavor be primarily porter, with a hint of chili. I'd like it to be where if they aren't told that it's a chili beer, at least some people won't immediately place it, but when they are told, it will be a a case of, "oh yeah, THAT'S what I'm tasting."

Some background: I'm working on a small commercial system (4 bbl) that is all extract. I'll probably be doing a half batch (2 bbl). I've got limited ability to use specialty grains. Fresh ingredients tend to be a problem equipment wise as well. For simplicity sake, I'll give measurements in terms of what a 5 gallon equivalent would be.

Currently I'm thinking

5 gal equivalent
10 lbs light lme
1 oz cascade 60 min
.66 oz fuggles 5 min
Safale 05

Color will come from a VERY dark extract called maltoferm 6001 which, tome, comes across flavor wise as about 66% black patent 33% chocolate malt to me.

Due to potential issues with using fresh peppers, I'm thinking of using a ground chili powder. The question is, how much?

I'm also thinking of using some cacao nibs or cocoa powder, but again, how much will give a bit of flavor without overwhelming the beer?


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Mar 3, 2011
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A friend makes a chili porter and, to me, it tastes like a porter with chili powder in it.

Maybe going a little high in IBU or using a bit more dark malts would cover some of the initial chili flavor and help tone it down but in my experience it's two completely opposed flavors stuck together. Tastes like a packet of taco seasoning in a porter.

Maybe some chocolate would help. I'm thinking mole' sauces. Chocolate works in dark beers and is used with chili's in this way so there's a common link. Mix in some Carafa or ditch the maltoferm in favor blending 50/50 roasted barley/chocolate malt maybe?


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Dec 31, 2011
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I'd do some small batches of a rich , complex porter first. It's gotta have some depth of flavor on it's own to stand up to the chilis. The few I've tasted were thin, weak porters with some chili bite. Not good at all...

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