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Sep 14, 2011
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Posted from Pipeworks Brewing Company's Facebook page. Thought I would mentioned this if any Chicagoland brewers is interested in some 22oz bottles. Looks like you have to response back to their FB post if interested.

Pipeworks Brewing Company

Someone brought some kegs to this party!!! Yes, that means we can start serving up some Pipeworks on draft around town!

Hope you are enjoying Close Encounter & the new batch of Ninja vs Unicorn! Should be at every store listed on our distribution (except Maria's & Binny's Hyde Park <-- tomorrow for both)

ALSO - ATTN HOMEBREWERS: Do you bottle your beer? Well, we have a surplus of 22ounce brown beer bottles (we switched style) and they are yours if you bring us a bottle of your finest homebrew! Up to 10 cases per person who responds below.

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