Cheese Whiz ;-)

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Feb 28, 2014
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Yesterday (and today) I made a soft spreadable and absolutely delicious cheese that I whipped. The challenge was getting the sourness just exactly right, and draining it to exactly the right softness. It was cultured with Flora Danica..... "my new best friend". Chilled, it could be put in a tube and would squirt out about like toothpaste.....though I won't "tube it". The idea was to produce a cheese that would be perfect on things like baked potato.
The process was to pour a gallon of cold milk, into my stainless pressure cooker, and add calcium chloride, flora danica, lipase, and about 1/8 tab of rennet dissolved in water, and leave it on my high output heat pad most of the day. I then cut the curd and left it for another couple of hours, drained off the whey and curds into a cheese moslem. I had to scrape the cheese cloth frequently with a spatula due to the consistency of the curd to get it to drain at a reasonable rate. I then salted it with about 1.5 teaspoons of salt and hung it overnight. When I was happy with the firmness, I put it in a container at room temp, checking flavor until I had what I wanted. It then went into the blender....... It really was too thick for a blender, but I don't have an electric mixer. I had to "help" it with a spatula, but managed to whip it to a wonderful creamy texture.
This of course could be aged further for a sharper flavor...........