cheese soaked in wine or beer

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May 23, 2010
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Salt Lake City Utah
I went to our local organic market the other weekend and got really excited to see some cheeses soaked in wine. I was wondering if anyone knew the process and length of how you go about soaking your home made cheese in a wine or beer?

Also I did try this on my own by making a gouda soaked in a shiraz, and then another gouda soaked in rogue dead guy ale homebrew clone. I created each gouda like normal and let them air dry for a day after I had them in the brine solution. Then I let them sit in the wine and beer for 24 hours, then dried and waxed like normal. I guess if no one responds to this I will let you know how they go after aging for 3 months.
Cant it just be soaked in wine/beer as well?

I was thinking of dropping some cheddar into a mason jar of my Black Imperial Ale.

A while back Harpoon and Cabot had an IPA soaked cheddar but I never tried it.
If you soak cheese in beer/wine how does it affect the flavor of the beer/wine? Is it drinkable afterward? Does it make it interesting or unpleasant to drink?