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Aug 28, 2007
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I just bought a march pump of ebay for $12. They are new and have a Krayton (sp?) housing. Rated for up to 200F temp and pump 3 gpm. Looks like they don't have threaded fittings though. Thought I'd give it a try though seeing as it's 1/10 the price of an 809 or other model. The item number is 150104625776 if anyone else is interested. There are a couple more.
Sounds like a good price for a pump. I have the March 809 but might be looking for another pump for another use. Let us know how it works.
It says that the max temp for the pump is 200F

would be careful using that to transfer hot wort...
Yeah, it's only rated to 200 degrees. I'm just going to see if it will be suitable. From the material specs it appears it will as long as the motor doesn't overheat. But hey, what's 12 degrees really...?

Here's some information on the housing material;
Melting point : 352° F
Heat deflection at 66 psi (ASTM D 648) : 300° F
Heat deflection at 264 psi (ASTM D 648) : 235° F
Maximum serving temperature for short term : 340° F
Maximum serving temperature for long term : 285° F
Thermal conductivity (ASTM C 177) : 1.32 Btu-inch/hr-ft~2- ° F
Specific heat : 0.23 Btu/lb- ° F
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (ASTM D 696) : 7.1x10~5
Applicable temperature range for thermal expansion : 50-300° F

PVDF is a high molecular weight thermoplastic polymer with excellent chemical inertness. It is highly resistant to oxidizing agents and halogens and is almost completely resistant to allphatic, aromatics, alcohols, acids and chlorinated solvents. It is resistant to most acids and bases.

Mechanically strong. High dielectric strength. Thermally stable. Resistant to low temperatures. Stable to ultraviolet and extreme weather conditions. Self-extinguishing and non-toxic.
fakeghostpirate said:
But hey, what's 12 degrees really...? this case maybe everything. What's the difference between 40 degrees and 28? Ice.

Of course, like a lot of specs it may be a matter of lawyers rather than engineers that determine what goes on the label.

Let us know how it turns out, especially if you pump boiling hot wort to a wort chiller.
Nevermind. Those aren't 809 pumps. I think they've got the smaller motor. I doubt they're powerful for our uses.
part of my last job was arguing for margin on temperature limits and there was a lot of margin the manufacture was holding in his back pocket. I was lucky that a new engineer was assigned to the component I was working on and he gave up most of his margin amost right away and it was about 30 F or so. The guy before him said he couldn't budge. Got to love new people, they give up all the company secerts right away.
It works pretty well. The flow rate drops off at 200 degrees but is still adequate fo use with my plate chiller. I don't think it is powerful enough to use with a whirlpool type setup, but it works well for recirculating the mash. I bought two and made a manifold to run them parallel. I haven't tried it yet though.

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