Cheap laptop just to run beersmith

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Oct 31, 2017
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Oxford, PA
I’m using an old macbook pro laptop from 2007, which is ancient in terms of laptops today. It takes a real long time to start up. It still does the job. First I want to hang onto it for sentimental reasons. It was bought new for my late wife who passed in 2013 and now its one of the few things of hers I still have.

Second, I really only use it for BeerTools to do beer recipes and Photoshop to make and print beer labels. And to occasionally back up my iphone. Sometimes I surf the web on it to research beer recipes or read about the latest hipster conconctions.

Its old but still fully functional. So I really can’t justify spending money on a new laptop. I had thought about maybe buying one of those cheap laptops like a chromebook or something if this ever dies. I pretty much do everything on my iphone nowadays and the laptop sees real light duty.