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Jul 2, 2020
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This may sound crazy, but it's the result of being absolutly obsessed with the idea of brewing something similar to a Brut Bier. I can't do it on the Champenoise method, specially because I don't have nor the champagne bottles nor the corks nor the corker. So, I was thinking... If Charmat method is OK for sparkling wines, wouldn't it be also good for a Brut Bier? The problem is that, obviously, I don't have a big stainless steel vessel to do the secondary. That's why I was thinking in:

1) Doing the secondary in big 1lt beer bottles, just because they look heavier and thicker. The cons would be that racking that beer for the dosage/priming/third fermentation will certainly be a pain in the ass. So...
2) I realized that Charmat method produces less pressure than Champenoise, which champaigne bottles stand up to 90psi. PET bottles can take up to 150psi, so, theoretically, they would be just fine for doing the pressurized fermentation of Charmat method. Maybe would be a good idea not to fill the bottle to the very top and leave a space as if you were waiting for krausen to come.
3) Charmat method presserves better fruit flavor and aroma, and it's less yeasty than Champenoise, so, for hops, I would have to consider that.

After that, I guess, it would be OK to bottle on traditional beer bottles (45psi, apparently).

What do you think? I made my best to translate what have been breaking my head these last two days.

If someone sees something wrong, please tell me. In this case, more than the fear of bottle bombs (a PET bottle bomb doesn't sound SO terrible, eventhough I was planning to do this in a separated room, just in case) I'm afraid of having to clean up my precious beer from the floor if the bottle blows away.

Thank you for reading and comenting!