Charachterful English Yeast

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Nov 24, 2020
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Recently brewed 6 gallon of English bitter inspired malt bill.

And to make it interesting I decided to do a split batch and use London ale 3 for one bucket and Wallonian farmhouse 2 for the other.

Both buckets were placed in my fermenter fridge and set for 68f the first two days and then ramped up to 72f for the remaining time.

Now the one with WL2 is very charachterful and the one with LA3 is extremely neutral. No esters what so ever.
Did 400ml starter for each yeast since both yeasts were kind of old but activity happened quite quick.

So my question is,any English yeast out there that's as charachterful as a lot of belgian yeast?


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Jul 9, 2014
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I certainly wouldn't call LA3 'extremely neutral', but it's also not the most expressive English yeast (hence part of the reason why it's popular for NEIPA). I bet if you brewed it side-by-side with a chico strain you'd say it was very characterful. My favourite is the stone fruit and ripe berry flavours from good old WY1968 (London ESB), but WY1469 (Yorkshire ale) gets a lot of love on HBT. Having said that, I think it's fair to say that in general Belgian yeasts are more expressive than English yeasts (but with a different profile).

I really enjoy brewing split batches like you've done - it's a great way to learn about different yeasts (which I find way more interesting than different hops).